Our treasures, the real and the important, are the untold things that make up ourself, our true essence. In a personal process between Stefan Budian and his counterparts, they are recovered and formed into a treasure painting. Theme for a Treasure-Painting can be a single person with his personality and history, but also institutions, companies or other phenomena of reality. Starting and ending with the Usien, many oil paintings are painted over each other, one comes from the other and in the process win the “treasures” of the counterpart shape. The passed image states – although they have own value and dignity – only remain as photographs, just like the moments of a biography that are preserved in memory only. The fabric of change and development is visible in the corresponding film. The finished painting, the photographed image states and the film emerges a multimedia artwork, the Treasure-Painting.

Example Video in Vimeo: „Schatzbilder“