Kwetu Film Institut

Day 6, Kwetu

Now the first days have passed, I have taken a glimpse of Kigalis antagonistic identities. My studio is about to be ready for work and I just need a better light equipment for the photographing. On one of the cities hills (Gacuriro), lies the Kwetu Film Institut, a school for filmmakers. Today I went there to ask, if I could lend some technical things, which was granted (Great! Many thanks!).
Additionally we settled a cooperation and I will be doing an artists-talk there at September 19th. That will help me much getting into contact with the art- and cultural scene. I think Kwetu center ( with its cafes, hotel and working-spaces is a cultural hot spot in Kigali and I am honored much by this invitation.
Up there in this post you see one of their presentation rooms.

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