Artist´s Talk in KWETU

Day 19 Artist´s Talk in Kwetu-Film-Institut

Talking. About my art and my project with interested people. Painters. Media-designers, a writer, musicians. We find ourselves in deep discussions about art, Africa and Europe, Religion – all that is so interesting to talk about with someone from somewhere else. I could imagine, that there will be much support for my project from the local cultural scene. And I am glad that I still have time. It takes time to be moving and understanding in this country. We share a history, but the perspective to it is completely different. Colonization is not an easygoing subject to raise. We can talk, but carefully, awake and slow.
At some point the presentation of a project I do in Germany („Das Gemeindebild“) runs in the background of our talking via the video projector. I suddenly find myself under severe questioning.  How can art cooperate with religious institutions without loosing its freedom? Most of the colleagues in the audience are suspicious. But I think, with time and open mind, we were sculpting some important differences in the state-of-mind of Europe and Africa.
At least that is what I strongly felt.

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